School clubs

Elian Junior offers a wide variety after school activities for various grade levels. We believe that extra-curricular activities play an integral role in education and play a key role in the holistic development of the students. All in all Elian Junior clubs help nurture role models, preset learning opportunities, students make new friends through fraternising with club members, improves their leadership skills, provides students with a positive outlet of their energy and is a source of enjoyment for all involved Through the clubs, we hope to:
Promote active participation.
Promote student mastery of skills through participation in competitions at different levels.
Develop talents among our students.
Integrate life skill learning, character building etc.

We offer a range of clubs both during school time and after school. Children are encouraged to get involved in at least one club throughout the year as part of our wider enrichment curriculum. Our clubs are organised and run either by school staff or external providers who have undergone the necessary checks to ensure we offer high quality activities.

School Clubs