About Us

Elian Junior School.

Who we are

Eliana Junior School is mixed day school with both Primary and Pre-Primary section. Founded in 2005 at Nalukolongo along Masaka Road 5km away from Kampala city centre, Eliana Junior school enrollment now stands at 820 and 86 staff (teaching and non-teaching). We are culturally and ethnically a diverse community but harmoniously co-existing Our medium of communication is English but do encourage parents to allow their children learn and speak their mother tongue while at home. is wonderfully diverse and is comprised of pupils from a very wide range of ethnicities and cultures, who speak many different languages in addition to English being the teaching language

To Creat a conducive Modern learning environment where every learner achieves their full potential through relentless focus on quality teaching and assessment.

We strive to became the best provider of quality holistic primary education yet affordable

To inspire pupils to attain their highest academic potential in accordance with their individual differences